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Sesama (Indonezja)
2019-11-10 do 2019-11-21 CINTA >< Love / collective exhibition
BARBARADOZ ART FAMILIA Tattoo people (Anisa, Rico, Ema) Huda Desember Ime Baweb Jaka Nuno Wildan Iltizam & Annu Cutter Ronika Wetland Purwakarta people

2019-11-10 do 2019-11-21
BARBARADOZ ART FAMILIA Tattoo people (Anisa, Rico, Ema) Huda Desember Ime Baweb Jaka Nuno Wildan Iltizam & Annu Cutter Ronika Wetland Purwakarta people

CINTA >< Love / collective exhibition

CINTA : Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

It was in the east Java when the first time I saw that geometry shaped batik made by Vero. The color of the fabric was blue, and an interesting white -yet sloppy- geometry in white. I wasn't realized what was it at the first time until when she gave me this fabric as a blanket since I always sleeping in cold without anything. Then i took a look at it. My mind was wandering everywhere, beyond this physical world that we invented million years ago. I was in the middle of traveling with magic. Then suddenly I can read this geometry.

At first I thought it was just an ordinary typical darmasiswa batik (We all know all those people who had been here and took batik as a major at darmasiswa program from year to another years, We have seen some of their exhibitions, We can call it as "batik bule") that usually shaped as a geometry, but then I realized there was a little different. This geometry, made by the strongest and sacred word in Bahasa Indonesia. It was CINTA. The most mysterious word of all words, the one that we keep on learning since we are here and untill we passed through to another cosmic address.

What is CINTA? In english We all know that this word means Love. But what is Love? This is the most important question in my head since Vero asked me to write on this exhibition. Socrates said, who understands love must be understand the mystery of life. I don't know if someone out there understands the meaning of love and walk the way of love in every of his steps. Maybe Buddha, maybe Jesus, or maybe Muhammad. But the things that I know in my ordinary little -and sometimes stupid- knowledge is everybody learning love. We all have different phase of loving.

Someone just learn how to love the others. Is it longing for the loved ones to love you back? Or just let it be, see them happy and then you happy.

Or maybe someone just learn how to love themselves, see their own reflections without any ego perspectives, accept their mistakes and love their own life.

But the thing is, love is universal. Love is bigger than ourselves as a human being. Wise man said; surrender yourself, then you will be in love.

Some neuro-scientists might say that love is a chemical reaction inside your brain. A bitter truth for our self-romanticism. But still, love is not about the materialism as a chemical compound only. We all know the biggest mystery is about the "experience".

This experience of love makes us feel that we are not alone. No matter what kind of love that We were experienced before and We are experiencing now, the power of sharing is the magic. It doesn't matter what is outside of yourself doing, feeling, or thinking. It doesn't matter if They give You feedback fairly or nothing at all. The matter is ourselves. Are We in love? We all know, love is pure.

Love will be a long lasting mystery for all of Us. Because we will keep on. On and on, whenever, wherever. The time is made for loving.

Love is to realize, that nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

There is one part of a song that keeps on playing on my head when i was writing this, a sweet high-noted woman voice singing :

"The rings of saturn, don't you think that love is magic?"

Berkah Rahayu,
Dengan Cinta, - 01001110

Curator: Adam Gruba
Curatorial text forward: Davano Radinka