2022-09-29 do 2022-10-29 Night School
Curators: Ewa Tatar, Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski / photos: Bartosz Górka

2022-09-29 do 2022-10-29
location: Dzielna Foundation, Dzielna 7, Warsaw
Curators: Ewa Tatar, Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski / photos: Bartosz Górka

Night School

artists: Przemek Branas, Krzysztof Grzybacz, Katarzyna Olma, Karol Pałka, Anna Zaradny



The exhibition continues topics undertaken by artists in their works created at the Tadeusz Kościuszko High School in Konin, within the framework of the Project “Back to School. Contemporary Artists’ Works in Polish Schools “ [Razem Pamoja Foundation in cooperation with the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts].

The NIGHT SCHOOL exhibition is a journey in time in order to heal one‘s relationship with oneself and with the world. It’s a story resembling a fairy tale - its core always remains the same, the only thing that changes are the historical costumes being worn. It’s a longplay with songs about injustice, truth, and beauty — and each of them has a potential to become a single.

This show is an opportunity for adults who are pretending that they never abused their relationship with themselves. It’s a collection of healing messages and tools, where healing happens by making space to imagine the world and ourselves in it in a different way, to design ourselves in another coexistence. It’s like descending to hell and ascending to heaven — to make sure that being in a relationship is based on mutuality. To defuse the unbearable, oppressive sounds and fluorescent light, to prevent them from activating the entire disharmony of fear in the body, to turn them into but a memory.

The NIGHT SCHOOL has the taste of memories. The multiaspectual character of rituals from the time of personality formation - the times of origin of the artists’ creative process in the ”Return to School” project (Konin, 2021) — decolonizes the ways of remembering about remembering from the perspective of individuals and communities. In the times of decolonization and degrowth we would like each relationship to be like making braids, when only warmth and kindness flow between two people.

The NIGHT SCHOOL is about doing overdue homework that consists of healing open wounds,
or of finding courage to face one’s own desires: inappropriate according to norms, although they do not hurt anything or anyone. The show gathers decolonizations of bodies and desires, decolonizations of fields of view narrowed by many centuries of Judeo-Christian tradition
of binaries. It's an exhibition presenting a set of mental maps that lead us through the sources
of identity and orientation in the world that we already know (and also that we use subconsciously) to a new order. The only rules of that new order are: to be aware of one’s responsibility for oneself, and to be responsible for each other. A question remains: how to be generous while using our gifts, dreams and experiences for the common good, but still belong
to her own self.

It’s a show about healing stories: about sweat, shame, low emotions; passing through which leaves us only with the soothing hum of a living meadow and the sun. Just before sunset.

The ”Night School” exhibition has been organized thanks to many years of experience, friendship, practice and activities of the Razem Pamoja Foundation and financial funds of the Razem Pamoja Foundation.