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2019-08-09 do 2019-08-10 Tendency to Collapse/Marta Węglińska
Marta Węglińska

2019-08-09 do 2019-08-10
Movie&Talk/Salfia Rahmawati
Marta Węglińska

Tendency to Collapse/Marta Węglińska

Tendency to Collapse, 2018, (25 minutes)

script: Marta Węglińska
camera and editing: Adi Semali
music: J Mo’ong Santoso Pribadi
cast: Anter Asmorotedjo, Anita Listyaningrum, Ruben Pangingkayon, Marta Weglinska
production: Zacheta - National Gallery in Warsaw (Poland).

The film premiere: 27.07.2018, during Marta’s Weglinska solo exhibition in National Gallery’s Project Room in Warsaw (Poland).

A metaphorical tale about uncertainty, changeability and dynamics. Coincidences and accidents. Scale and model. Gravity, arrows, ruins – collapse.

The protagonists, chased by fate, run away to the forest. Nature gives them shelter. In order to blend in with the greenery, they change their bodies, faces, hands. In the end, they cannot recognise themselves.

The film is inspired by Javanese culture, including traditional dance, local martial arts – silat and story of Prince Panji and Princess Candra Kirana, popular in Southeast Asia.