2021-02-15 do 2021-02-15 Back to School. Artists’ Works in polish schools
Curator: Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski

2021-02-15 do 2021-02-15
Location: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Tadeusza Kościuszki in Konin
Curator: Bartosz Przybył-Ołowski

Back to School. Artists’ Works in polish schools

Przemek Branas, "Pedestal under the bust of Tadeusz Kościuszko"

Olma, "Świetlica Świetlik" – school common room

Anna Zaradny, "Triptych Triton"

Krzysztof Grzybacz, “School Canteen Calipso"

In „Świetlica Świetlik” Katarzyna Olma placed also works by: Katarzyna Wyszkowska, Joanna Tochman, Adam Nehring, Krzysztof Grzybacz and Jan Eustachy – Wolski.




Back to School is a project carried out by the Razem Pamoja Foundation in cooperation with the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts and Artinfo.pl. In 2023 it will be continued in high schools in Toruń – curator Katarzyna Wąs and in Tychy – curator Zosia Koźniewska.



The work was supposed to be a subtle intervention in the situation at high school. In the school corridor, there is a bust of the school patron. The plinth on which the bust is located is rather to be replaced.

What should be done to leave Kościuszko's bust in a place important for the school and at the same time play with its artistic form through a few actions and gestures?

The metalwork plinth is therefore a reference both to the bust itself, but also to the space in which it is located: a simple staircase, and more precisely the railing (balustrade), was brought to my mind by the ship railings.

This is how the symbolic shift of meanings is built: the staircase becomes a railing. Its shape and proportions are transferred to the pedestal so that they will be an inseparable element in this school from now on. It is not necessary to mention all of Kościuszko's journeys, about which, as we found on the way back from Konin - after all, he did not fly from America to Europe, but sailed.

In a sense, the pedestal is about a fragment of the life of the featured hero. In visual terms, it was supposed to be a simple form, so that it would be able to relieve the historicizing bust. In terms of conservation, it is also easy to maintain: just like the railing of the staircase in the school, it can be painted by hand, no special materials are needed.




– TRYTON5 RING1 Polonez B dur
– TRYTON10 RING2 Polonez C dur
– TRYTON15 RING3 Waltz G dur

three lightbulbs -green, blue, yellow - metal, electric light

Handpainted text – black and flourescent acrylic paint



“Świetlica Świetlik" is a "wild", school space, full of cables, pipes, windows beneath the ceiling. I tame it, introduce textiles, paint, and hang the works of my fellow artists. I want to create a safe place where students will be able to come into contact with young art, get curious and take a closer look. I compose every detail and I place the tables. The whole team adds something of their own. I want students to be able to influence the atmosphere of this place so that the common room is full of life. I also tame myself in the school space, where I entered and infected it with my aesthetics. That is the beginning of the road for the function of this place for me. I would like to bring about conversations between artists and students. Persuade them to interference, freedom. During the year,
I plan to change the exhibition several times, introducing new people who will be able to show how different views can be had, not only to art, to move young, curious minds.



School Canteen Calipso - three strange words, each sounding like an egg, a light installation, paint rays. Elimination of facial pimples. Light therapy, Instagram therapy, photos in mirrors, photos in green light, photos in pink light. Egg festival. Bubble, circle, egg. Large egg, flat egg, loose egg. Egg as eye, egg as window, hatch, contour, mouth. Incubator. Out of the chaos, a giant egg emerged from which the world hatched. Abstract shapes create figurative compositions, faces, drops, glances, and surprise eggs. The tendency to see the mouth in burnt cheese toast. Light connects everything like smoke. Keeping track of all reflections that cover the entire duration of the high school. Create a specific environment, a kind of greenhouse with a controlled atmosphere, where the plants have the right conditions for growth, the right light, fertilization, and irrigation. You emphasize. Stickers on the walls. Sports club sticker surrounded by a heart.